Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I was hanging out at Erin's today. Hadn't seen her in months. While I was there I needed to do some banking. Only, cause I was using her computer they would not accept my password. Odd. Then they would not accept my security codes. Odd again. I had to call the bank and be like "what the hoofers?" And of course I got someone who does not speak English. That's what you get for living this close to the Quebec border, every thing is done in French and I don't speak French.
Then the dude was telling me to open something and I'm like, "it's not my computer I have no idea what your on about." He just did not understand that and then got snotty which made me snotty. He said "it's Windows everyone can work Windows what are you retarded?" I go "No I am a Mac user totally different system"
"OOOOHHH. A Mac." like I had just spit on him or something. gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr!
So after 25minutes, of what should have been a 2 minute assignment I finally got it straightened out and my banking done.

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