Friday, July 24, 2009

Ask Ardeth

Time to dig into the fang mail for another batch of emails from beyond the grave.
Welcome to an overdue issue of "Ask Ardeth" Where anything that can be thought of to ask will be answered by my horror film Heavy Metal Goddess alter ego Ardeth Blood.

Dear Ardeth Blood

I love the fact you are faithful to Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (TNA) and I love that you support it so much. But why is it you never comment on other things like other fans do, you never talk about the wrestlers lives, their bios, their other events for other companies.

Yours "weekly" J. in Timmins Ontario

Dear Yours weekly

I have stated before, I don't like to know too much about my favourite wrestlers as it ruins it for me. I stay away from "official " fan sites, I stay away from biographies on them, I stay away from their Myspaces and Facebooks. I do not read other "dirt sheets", nor do I read anything listed in the wrestling threads on any of the horror forums I am part of. And trust me there are alot. I care about the performance they do each week on the show, if by chance they come to my area and do a live event I go and watch, otherwise I have found from past experience that it's disappointing to learn too much about my heroes. Besides, everyone is human and they deserve to have some privacy like the rest of us.
Why do you think so many of the wrestlers have a stage name? So that their families are not over run with fangirls/fanboys.
As far as not addressing their works in other companies, I will say that if you head to my other blog Blind Tag Blog you will find that the crew I am working on that blog with are doing their best to cover as much as possible on all the companies. There are only 3 of us at the moment on that blog and it is only a few weeks old, but we are doing our best.

That's all the time we have for this one, come back around and see what other gobs of wisdom Ardeth Blood will dish out and serve to her fiends.

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