Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I must rant about Suicide....on TNA

I used a scene capture again for this post

Dear TNA:

You have to stop promoting the gimmick that is Suicide. I have been telling you for months that it is not a good idea. We understand that you created the gimmick to help tie in with the first video game you released, but that was nearly a year ago. The time is up on the tie in.

And why this character upsets not just myself but others, is because this is a family show. Children under the age of 15 watch Impact, what kind of a message are you giving them? There are people who have a low grasp on reality that watch the show week after week and believe the character. What kind of a message do you think they are getting from this character? There are teenagers who already feel the world is a cruel and evil place that are already on the edge of suicide who see this character. What kind of message do you think they are getting from him and his theme music ?

I am not a mom nor do I ever plan to be but that does not mean that I am not doing my best as a responsible Adult in my community. I have seen first hand what loosing someone to the act of suicide does to the remaining members of a family, what it does to a community. Promoting a character based on that idea is insulting and harmful to those who have lost someone to the act of suicide.

I love TNA, but this is one gimmick I wish was never created.

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