Sunday, July 26, 2009

MyCoffeePot.Org is where my buddy hangs out. It's his home on the web.

This weekend, he was in town and hanging out an his old home here. We painted it.
Yes, my buddy is the Gerald Taylor
from that interview I did not too long ago.

So as you can see we had a very red room that was hell in a bathtub to paint. And of course painting hell white was my job. The boys did all the heavy lifting and I got stuck in hell. There is my ruined clothes from painting hell. This house has a long terrible story to it, that I am sure, once Mr. Taylor gets back to Toronto will talk about on his website,

This is Mr. Taylor's other buddy Mr. Campbell. It was nice to see the guys from high school believe it or not. So now that I am hurting something horrible, and really to fall down dead for a few weeks, not that I did a whole lot, just some light cleaning and worked on hell. And off Mr. Taylor goes back to southern Ontario. But unlike me, he has a life and a very productive life too.

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