Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What are you Dumb, Stupid?

I used screen capture for this post.

I was watching some old episodes of Impact from 2006 (when Sabin still had good hair) and I noticed something.
Now, is it just me, or was he, well smarter few years ago?
I don't know if he's taken one too many suicide dives or fallen from the Ultimate X matches one time too many but, it seems like the last few months he's gotten a little, well dumb.

Now, you know I love Chris Sabin (I would not be blogging about him all the time if I was not totally crushing on the dude.)
He's fabulous. But we know he is capable of more then what they are letting him do as of late. Has the creative team hit some road blocks when it comes to giving Sabin stuff to do?
I get that you have made him the "strong silent type" in the MotorCityMachine Guns! to balance out Alex Shelley's outspoken wild bad boy side, but still.
It is almost as if there is no passion in him when he's on camera as of late. I know I have made some comments before about him on the mic, but again it's like he is a zombie last few weeks. (The episode on April 30 2009 when they were in the locker room with Foley, and the June 4th 2009 episode when he was talking so slow, it looked like Chris Sabin was really struggling with his lines. )
I have to say that one of my favourite feuds that Chris Sabin was involved in, on Impact was when Kevin Nash was taunting him back in the spring/summer of 2006. (Slammiversary 2006) And I did think that the promos he did when he was going against Lynn and Backlund were funny as hell. (dressing up as an old man, the one where he was jumping from the tree, the "old school vs new school" all from 2007)
So why is he staring at his shoes half the time now and just making sexual comments? It is almost as if he has digressed from confident grown up to confused shy 9th grader. Where is the multi-time X-Division champ, the cool guy. You know, the confident, witty, smart Chris Sabin who's promos used to be worth listening to.
Next thing you know Sabin will be coming to the ring with a stack of comics and just reading instead of wrestling. "And this one's for the silence and the questions that it brings/and this one's about rock n roll and comic books and bubble gum"-Headstones

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GingerRoot said...

He has been staring at his shoes and making sexual comments as of late. He did look almost like a child being scolded in the end of the locker room episode.


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