Friday, July 31, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 30 2009 (200th Episode)

I used screen captures for this post

Yay! iTunes Canada was on the ball this morning.

The show opened with what looked like two different openings. One in the MEM locker room as a pep talk , and then the official opening which was a beautifully edited flashback of the last 4 years of TNA on television.

The MainEventMafia came down to the ring as the crowd started to scream for Lashely. Whoo like I care I'm sure Lashely then came out to answer Kurt, dressed as a baseball player. What the freal? Mick Foley coming out to do his impression of Romper Room telling Kurt to look into the camera and picture the board members watching the show. I thought for sure they were going to challenge the MEM to leave for a show or two since Kurt Angle keeps saying how the show would die in ratings without them. But no you would not give me that would you, instead it was a tag team match with two of the single titles on the line. So they sent Booker and Steiner in to beat them down, and the Beer Money Inc came for the save. Then Foley hobbled down to the ring for a handi cap match with Lashely out cold. Foley won.

First up was Hernandez vs Samoa Joe. I like this match up, could make for a great feud. Both are evenly matched in size and strength. Both have the same idea for moves. Both very large men that have mastered the X-Division. Hernandez won this match with a top rope splash. Beauty.

And TNA's evil druid had a match against A.J. Styles. Matt Morgan, I just hate the robe. I loved the promo packages before each wrestler's walk down the ramp. Thought it was a brilliant way to sum up their history so far. Styles got it with a beauty of a 450 splash off the top rope. This was the first round in a best out of 3 matches between these two men.

The World Elite lead by Eric Young. I love this. I really do. I kind of hope Eric Young starts coming out in Canadian Maple Leafs, or with the Canadian flag. (Hey he's #3 on my Canadian Celebrities I Would Love To Met list) And everything he said Made me nod my head and scream yes. Then 3D came out for their match against British Invasion. It kind of became a free for all. But I have to say, as a Canadian it was cool to hear Eric Young say that. This was a tables match for the titles. British Invasion wins. (yay)

The flashback of the Comic-Con was well put together and quick.

Steven Richards melt down. I missed something on that one.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Now, normally I fast forward through the women's matches cause they are useless to me, but I left it on while I was making coffee, and heard the chant of MotorCity. When I went to look I saw Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin standing there holding up signs. This just echoes what I have been saying for weeks. Why the freal are the MMG not wearing the Tag Team belts? Why have they not been on lately?

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