Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 2 of Cups

This card is considered even more so then the Lovers card, to be the soulmate card. It represents lovers, friends, business partners all of which can be your soulmate. (Love, Passion, Friendship, Union, Sex, Marriage, Emotion and Spirituality creating a bond, Contracts, Reconciliation of opposites, Reconciliation after a parting)
I used to believe that there was only one soulmate out there for everyone. Now I am not so sure.

Few years ago, I came to the idea that Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq. and her then husband were my soulmates. I also came to the idea at the same time that the Trainwreck was my soulmate. When the four of us, or even three, or even two of us were together, odd things would happen. Trainwreck was the only one of us who did not practice some form of magick. VLHE and her husband were both Shamans.
Then when I met Dargo. I knew he was a soulmate. Wither he admits it or not, I know he knew it too.
My friend the High Priestess believes we are soulmates. Her main being her husband. She also has another soulmate, a gay man The Magus.

So what brought on this post today?
The topic of soulmates has been a hot one as of late with my book club, my social circle and has me thinking.
They say your soulmate is not the person who mimics yourself or ideal of perfection, but infact the opposite of you. The person who hold a mirror up to you. Your Balance. I am starting to understand this thought and believe my ultimate soulmate to be that balance.

A man who is beyond beautiful, honest, talented, giving, sucessful, loving. (He would have to be, given I am such a sarcastic bitch.)

And what if my soulmate feels he has already met his?
That is very possible considering what I have come to learn recently. It is also possible to have a lifemate that is not your soulmate.
I am sitting right now on the edge of something, not really a peace not really a knowing, but something inbetween. I feel I could survive if my ultimate soulmate came into my life and said "yes we are soulmates. But we won't be lifemates this time around" I would not be, I don't think, as crushed if that happens. 5 years ago that would have been a different story.

Ideally my ultimate soulmate will be my lifemate.

Just knowing he's out there is a sort of peace in itself.

And why did I title this the 2 of cups and not soulmates? Because that card has been coming up alot recently. It's trying to tell me something, that is for sure.

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