Friday, July 24, 2009

I got quiet

Hello my pets, it's me, your favourite ghoul next door.
They say life happens when you are busy making plans. That is very true. And in my case it happens when you're busy making websites.
I am not neglecting you. Even though there has only been one or two posts this week, and after last month's rush of words, I know it feels like I have left, never. This blog is my baby. And given my feelings on children that is saying alot.
Buddy from Toronto is in town, dealing with some stuff so the social circle -his not mine but I am a small part of his social circle- are getting together to help. Ontop of working on the site I created last week Disturbia the horror site which I think has stopped hopping for a few days, and being part of the All Jane Austen Challenge (reading Mansfield Park at the moment, waiting for the release of Mr. Darcy Vampyre next month) ontop of all that my Aunt gets in town this week too. It's mom's 60th next week so my Aunt has something up her sleeve.
I have been doing a small letter writing campaign to iTunes Canada - okay more like whinny emails- in regards to their recent programming of TNA Impact. iTunes Canada so far has been great with they're replies.
And ontop of that -just one more ontop of it's been a busy week- it's the end of July. Which means that the stores start their October season. Yes you read right. The stores locally have their back to school stuff going on, their Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving comes before Halloween) up for display, and by the end of next month will have their Hallowe'en stuff ready. October is a season in itself around here. Forget Fall. (you have Summer, October, Winter and May. Of course May equals Spring around here) This city is so weird. You literally go from winter to a week of spring and then three months of summer, then three weeks of fall. Winter around here goes from Nov 3 -April 27. Summer is June, July, Aug, part of Sept. Fall is from Sept 25-Nov 2. That is how this city breaks up the seasons, and that is how they gear their sales.
And that means we are heading into my time of year.
It's pouring rain here today, my favourite kind of day. So I am slugging my ass to the kitchen for a coffee and then off in about an hour to help deal with my Buddy's house. Will be cleaning I believe. If my memory is right, he said he needs help cleaning the house that he's a landlord of. Long story, I will try to get some photos later.

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