Saturday, June 6, 2009

Canadian Celebrity I would Love to Meet

George Stroumboulopoulos!


1) He's talented
2)He's hot
3)He's smart
4)He's hot
5)He's interviewed almost everyone and would have great stories
6)He's hot
7)He's funny as hell
8)He's hot
9)He's survived working at all forms of Canadian media
10)He's hot

This is another one of those celebrities that I admire and worship and am not sure I want to be or freal .... No I know I want to freal.... er um...yeah have drinks with.
I have to say I am not the only woman in my family who thinks that he's fabulous. Back few years ago, when he hosted Loud on MuchMusic; it was one show we would agree to watch and all be quiet for. (yeah all of us. Mom, sister, sister's best friends)
Mr. S. I worship your shadow.


Gerald said...

he was at a hallowe'en house party i went to this year. didn't meet him though--he sat in the corner then went home maybe 20 minutes after i had got there.

ardeth blood said...

I actually sent him the link to this post through Twitter.
I think I he's afraid of me now LOL


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