Sunday, June 14, 2009

What would Jane Do? Or I dug my own grave

So around 10pm last night I started to chat it up with Freud.
We met up around 1am.

Now you know me, you know I am looking for a long term solution to my lack of a romantic situation, so why did I let myself be kinoodled like a swordfish on a harpoon? Because my pets if you travel back through the posts of this messy life you will very much remember that StandUpGuy was the last man standing.
So what does this mean for your heroine? Less stress for a few days but a whack of issues as wait for it, Freud looks like a younger version of Dargo.
Yeah. Talk about me having issues. I guess I will never get over the past if I keep trying to relive it.

So what would Jane Austen do in a situation where a second Mr. Knightley arrived? Most likely pawn them off on Miss Bates.
Oh wait I am the Miss Bates of this story. Damn, hand me a shovel and give me til sunup.

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