Friday, June 19, 2009

You are on my mind Get out of it

There is this guy who I went to grade school with. Heath Park School. I know he's a year younger then me because we were in split level classes together.
I see him around all the time. I had such a crush on him in grade school.
Here's the thing. He's not my type now. Not at all physically .
Spotted him last night at the wrestling event, he's always at the wrestling events I think it's the only thing he and I ever had in common in school.
He's never alone. I don't know if he's married or even straight for that matter cause he's always with a bunch of guys and a groups of kids. So I think he has kids.
I have seen him at the grocery a million times, once again always with some other dude and a few kids. Which brings me back to I am not sure he's straight. I could be off on that, I have never been able to gage that too well with men.
So why is he on my mind? Whenever I see him; he always seems to be walking past me five hundred times for no reason. Like he's circling the building.
Now us women we do this when we are trying to get a man's attention. We will get up and walk with no destination or reason infront of the man five hundred times hoping to catch the man's eye or at very lest have him see our figures.
Okay Mr. Heath Park School. Mr. Wrestlemaina. If you bump into me some time when out about town maybe say hi. Just wanna know if I am totally lost my mind or what?

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