Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Could it be the world is changing?

On the movie website Cineplex.com they have their 10 Hottest Men List. And the top two kind of shocked me.
Well, It's not who is on the list in the top two slots but the order of them.
Adrian Brody beat out Johnny Depp for the number one spot.
By no means is this a bad thing. But I am asking is does this mean the world is no longer going for the same old safe route?
Adrian Brody is a talented and very sexy guy by his own right, (did you see him in Last Time I Committed Suicide he makes a sweater and glasses look hotter then anyone since well Johnny Depp did in Secret Window ) For years Depp had the number one spot, it's almost strange to see his name not beside a #1 on any list, but great to see the masses are expanding their taste in eye candy.
Yeah, I know I never claimed to be politically correct on anything.

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