Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And I do this why

I was chatting with my buddy Gerry in Toronto and the topic of my singleness came up. He told me to try this one site. So I did.
And now I remember why I do not date Thunder Bay guys.
They are all the same, they are all moose food (yes I know moose are not into humans but it's funny) they all have monkeypoo's and they all want a woman who is a size two. So not me or what I am looking for.
And the whole time I am chatting with these local retards I could think of 3 things
* I just wanna be chatting with Cole Cash right now
*None of you guys look like Alex Shelley
*None of you guys look like Chris Sabin (Nor were any as funny )
My buddy Gerry who has known me for slinking up 20 years now (damn we are old aren't we) says I am too picky.
Fine I am too picky. Whoo-hoo. Yeah that is me. The too picky girl. Why I am a hermit.
The one kinda cute guy on there was a total player. He had like ten girls he was chatting with at once. So why do I do this and torture myself? Oh right I need a real life and a husband.

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