Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 6

I am back asking this question.
Why am I asking this question? Well, because the well has dried up. Yeah. Not one single note, nod, or wink since last week. I think this city is very much out of available men. Starting to think that all of Canada is too.
Okay, let's import them from the U. S. now... say maybe Detroit?

Anyway, I have a killer little black dress, have not been to the art gallery in 4 years and have no one to go with. I thought the point of dating was to you know date someone, not sit around the house checking emails and waiting.
Oh wait, now I remember, we used to do that but with a phone instead of emails right.

Seriously, I have to find a way to brake out of this rut.
I need a man! And I am getting impatient waiting.

What's that rule though... right only date men who want to date/like you.
Damn it janet! I am out of luck again. Unless of course my number one fan wants to be a hunky hero and sweep me off my feet. Come on, I know you want to.

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