Friday, June 12, 2009

4 cups past Midnight

Actually, it's not yet one cup at 7:30a.m.

I spent a good part of last night talking to Indie Wrestler Cole Cash. I did I did. Trying to line up a few other interviews with a few other wrestlers. Here's hoping.

I am very tired. But up at this hour none the less, waiting for iTunes or Spike tv or some slotch on youtube to have last night's Impact up. Not having cable sucks. But to pay $55 a month for cable for one tv show would suck even more.

Heading out in a while to get me a ticket for next week's event. Double thanks to the dude who passed me the info on it coming to town. So we will see what's up with that.

Yeah, I am yammering on this morning aren't I? I am barely in zombie mode today. And mom wants to go to the mall. Whoo-and a Hoo.

And.... I can't get the song "Gothic Chick" by Twiztid out of my head last few days. It's just there, stuck in between the cobwebs and the goat cheese hanging out where even Freddy Krueger won't dare to tread. And I am not sure why? Why oh great Cthulhu are you leaving little crumbs like that in my mind?

This just might be a 4 Starbucks kind of day.

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