Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet?

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? Or have they all been eaten by moose?

Straight up I need to know. Cause it seems the only men I am meeting anywhere for any reason are gay men or married men. How unfair is that?
And it's summer time, shouldn't those straight men be out beaching themselves like whales and other large land mammals? Where are they all hiding? I have checked the comic book store, the beer store, the sports gear store, none. Not one whale like human land mass. What's going on here?
I know it's June, but not everyone in town is getting married...are they?
This is why I never get invited to all the good parties and BBQs. Because I am single and those are always couple only events. Okay so the BBQ part has alot to do with being vegetarian too, but still more to do with being single and not having an even amount for dinner.
I mean seriously, throw me a bone here people. Let me know where all the single straight men are hiding. Or you know, if they are being digested by large woodland creatures.

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