Friday, June 12, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for June 11 2009 (the bad 80's flashback edition)

Mick Foley calling out Jeff Jarrett....okay right off, what's going on there with the shirts? Are we having a bad 80's hair metal flashback? We're superstars bow down and worship our clothes. Dude, Jarrett, that shirt has way too much going on. You could have at lest sent it through the washer a few times to get the gloss off it. And the Three Stooges gimmick...would have been funnier if he'd done Abbott and Costello. The office rant had me....bored now.

Raven sitting there just being during the Team 3D promo. I squealed like a 12 year old at a Boyband concert. Yeah he's that cool. And then sitting there again later while MainEventMafia bled....It's Raven as Joe's phantom right? Please? And him just sitting there out side the women's toilet while the beat down happened.... yes I am giggling like a mad child over the very fact of Raven. He says so much just by staring off camera, his leather jacket looking.... sorry drooling again.

Booker T...pick a vocal gimmick and stick with it. One second you're on a bunch of fake accents the next your a rap video. And what was with that little spin in the locker room? Where your tights to snug?
The handicapped First Blood match between Steiner/Booker vs Samoa Joe was kind of interesting. Steiner was sliced and diced first and lost to Joe. Booker went down making Joe the winner of the match.

Shane Douglas having a match vs A.J. Styles was an impressive showing for Douglas. Styles having been semi-grounded near the beginning of the match added to the usefulness. I was alittle surprised to see Styles get the pin though.
And Daniels doing a run in save before the five minute beat down mark was a nice touch. Joe coming in to save Daniels, now that I did not see coming. (you get a cookie) And Daniels promo was just a bit too close up. Stand away from the camera man, you are scaring him.

Has anyone ever counted up how many times JB has had a door slammed in his face? I am betting it's up in the hundreds by now? Someone in editing could you count and get back to me...
And who the freal is doing the make up on everyone? What did you all go to a Poison concert or something to learn your make up skills? Dude, tone it down they look like clowns, and not in a good ICP kind of way either.

Eric Young slapping JB... do it again! JB went down like a girl.

Kurt Angle vs Sting was typical. I just can't get hyper about these guys. Matt Morgan running out for a moment led to Angle going on to the King of the Mountain match.

MotorCityMachine Guns! teaming once again with Creed and Lethal, this round being Lethal and Shelley to go against Team 3D had me wondering first off what the hell is going on with those bangs? I mean it Alex Shelley are you reading my blog, have you not realized how bad your tag team partner's hair is and now you start with the abuse of hair gel... And what was with that moomoo Lethal came out in? Nice flip by Brother Ray on Lethal. Shelley running in with a low blow, dude you couldn't think of anything more dynamic? And what is up with that outfit? Did you just come from a Kiss concert or some dren? But Shelley did get the pin over Devon so that's a good thing. You know what, I have never complained about Alex Shelley (he is the sexiest man alive and a total god. Dionysus in human form) but you know it's coming, there will be a rant.

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