Friday, June 19, 2009

And The Legends Supershow

Wasn't all that super a show.
There were 5 matches. Only 5.
*The Hunks (possibly the Hollywood Hunks I couldn't hear the announcer. ) vs the Highlanders. The Highlanders won by a very quick 3 count.
* The Genius vs Barber Beefcake. The Genius won which caused Beefcake to then manhandle the ref and shave the Ref's head.
*Koko B.Ware vs someone who's name I didn't catch but was wearing a red Pimp outfit. Koko won I think. There were too many people standing infront of me I couldn't tell.
*Abdula the Butcher vs someone else I didn't catch. This was a hardcore match that never made it into the ring at all and ended up a Double DQ outside in the lobby.
*Psycho Sid Vicious vs Hacksaw . Hacksaw won by a very quick 3 count.

The ring was not even a wrestling ring as much as a loose boxing ring, and when I say loose, I mean it had the bounciest ropes I have ever seen.
More time was spent with them doing autograph signings then anything else, not that I could really see anything as everyone and their dog's grandmother was standing infront of me. Nor could I hear anything over the screaming crowd. And when I say screaming I mean everyone saying "HOOOOOO".

I can't get over how bad this event was. I have been to alot of live wrestling events over the decades, and this was by far the worst. It was short 2 matches, and the so called hardcore match was less then 5 mintues on account they left the arena.
It was also so dark in there even with a flash almost none of my photos turned out. So not happy at all.

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