Sunday, June 7, 2009

What I learned from Sex and the City part 12

In episode 88 of Sex and the City season 6 (The Ick Factor) the question of the week is "Have we become romance-intolerant?"
As I am watching this episode, where Carrie is being read poetry and having music dedicated to her, and Miranda is planning a frill free wedding for herself; I got to thinking how silly romance really can be.
We watch chick flicks for the sweeping gestures and the desperate passion. We read chick-lit for the hunky heroes who can't live without their heroine. All sugarcoated walks at sunset and pink balloons in the park.
So why then when a guy does something "nice" for us we roll our eyes and say he must be up to something not so honest?
Have we become so jaded that the very idea of a man even knowing what poetry is; is suspect?
I know when I sit and think about all the times my male friends had done something nice for me in the past, it was suspect. In high school I had guys give me tickets to events as a bribe to do their English homework, had them give me art they had made as a bribe to cover for them when they were breaking up with someone, had them give me jewelery as a bribe to go stand inline overnight for concert tickets so they didn't have to, had them dedicate music to me to make other girls jealous... you get the point.

So when did we stop letting the romance be romantic? And why do we still crave it? Maybe it is like a sugar addiction. We need the thought of something sweet to keep us going until we overdose and then crash. And crash we always do.
What would it take in this age of twittering and low-fat-soy lattes for us to believe anything could really be romantic anymore?
My friend Erin's husband still sends her a dozen roses every birthday, holiday, event and sometimes just for the hell of it. She always sighs so dramatically and asks if he can be more original.
My friend Butterfly's husband cooks dinner at lest 2 times a week for them.
My friend the High Priestess' husband is always bringing home exotic Teas and Coffees for her.
Little things, yes but very romantic when you think about it.

Stop rolling your eyes and saying they never do anything for you. At lest you have an honest feeling being put into the gesture.
Some of us have never known what that feels like.

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