Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Black Circle Boys

Remember few posts back when I was going on about this movie and having hunted it down on Amazon. http://andrewandthealuminumsidings.blogspot.com/2009/05/amazonca-vs-com.html

Well, it came in today. I just finished watching it.
Dude, I paid $20 bucks for this?
This is based on a true story, and is what the Craft was suppose to have been. I kept waiting for some special effects or something. But it plays like a washed out after school special. Labeled a horror film, the only thing scary about this is Donnie Wahlberg -no wait it gets scarier- as a gay gothic pimp. Told you it got scarier.
It started off what would be a really great career playing creepy guys though for Eric Mabius.
It's about this dude who's brother dies in an accident and then he moves to another city with his parents, and ends up getting caught up in this group of demon worshiping acid dropping addicts. And then one night they go too far killing one of the members.

What I find ironic is that it came out a few months after the whole Rod Ferrell murders happened. (Vampire Clan the 2002 film was about those murders) Is this a connection? No idea, but there are scenes in Black Circle Boys that are very similar to what has been described in that murder case.

If you are a diehard Mabius fan then try to locate this film, otherwise, just stick to Voodoo Moon. In Voodoo Moon he's the hero.

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