Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is he safe to date?

I just got asked out for drinks for the weekend. Nice.
I just have to double check with my sister to make sure he's not one of her ex's. Cause that would be messy if he is.
That's pretty bad. When I have to run my social life by my younger sister for permission.

The ceiling gods are laughing at me aren't they?
The Great Cthulhu might have to eat him slowly because he would be cruncher then burnt Tofu. That is if he is.

No he does not look anything like Chris Sabin or Alex Shelley. That would be too much to have hoped for.


SMW said...

your blog is pretty funny :) I found it through google while searching for "chris sabin" - I don't know if you ever checked out my site, it's .

ardeth blood said...

I will check it out now.
I tend to stay away from my celebrity favs real life as I like to keep them as "untouchable creatures" LOL. Knowing too much about them takes away the glitter they have as stars.

Thanks-I think- for the funny comment. I write like I think.

GingerRoot said...

Hail Sabin!


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