Friday, June 19, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 5

So after the bad wrestling I caught up with The Drummer. We spent about an hour over coffee, this was after I got the hairy eyeball from his buddies during the wrestling.
It wasn't too bad actually. We talked...well I talked and he nodded sipping his coffee. Hey, this date lasted longer then the one with Chef and Italian combined but Freud has everyone beat time wise.
Whenever I can yammer on about TNA with a captive audience then bonus points get handed out.
So, the last big date before being Hermit Girl again was vaguely rocking. In a quiet winding down after a loud event sort of way.
Not only did he pay for the said coffee, he was nice enough to drive me home. There are a few nice guys left on this planet. Poor guy though, The Drummer looked like he was going to fall face first into his paper cup at one point when I started in on Star Trek.


Anonymous said...

well, Freud was pretty kick ass. :D

ardeth blood said...

That he was. That he was. Too bad he never got ahold of me again.


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