Friday, June 19, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for June 18 2009

Yay! seems someone at iTunes Canada has heard me bitching about it never being on time as of late, this is two weeks in a row it's been ready for download the next morning.
I used screen captures again for this post

Right off, the "party" theme was lame. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it now. Are you guys just searching for something of an identity for Foley right now? Cause you are really coming up short. I know he's trying to be funny but it's coming off badly. Oh hang on, is that his gimmick? The uncool dad who tries too hard? Still lame.

SSSSHHHHHHH! Raven is talking now. Can we have Raven do commentary. Please. Please. begging here. Please. Having him in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match against Holliday was brilliant. Pure genuis. Classic Raven as he slammed Holliday into the guardrail. And Holliday throwing himself over the ropes into the cage and onto the floor...nice move. Can we have two hours of Raven? Please. Begging here. Raven won with a falls count anywhere pinning on the floor. Serious a full show of just Raven. Doing everything from commentary to wrestling, to promos to....

To the editors who make up the little flashbacks. You get a cookie. The flashbacks are clean, quick and to the point. (In under 30 seconds or less or it's free. )

Daniels vs Amazing Red. Nice too see the X-Division being mixed up a little. Loved the corkscrew dive Red pulled off. The Huricanrada(someone with a wrestling dictionary want to message me with the proper spelling) in the middle of the ring from a leap off the top rope was well amazing. Daniels won. Surprised me actually, I thought this was going to be Red's match.

Make Up! What the hell are you doing? Blue eyeshadow....oh my god! No! Just throw out the blue eyeshadow. Just throw it out.
Matt Morgan .... sorry I feel asleep was he talking again.

Something that has always bothered me, doing half a promo like the camera is not there, and then suddenly turning to look directly in the camera. I get that it's to direct the point of the promo, to let the watchers know you know it's a promo, but sometimes the timing of the direct look is off beat and it doesn't work.

Isn't time to get rid of Abyss' mask? Can we have Abyss de-masked?

MotorCityMachine Guns! with Lethal and Creed ... I love it. Did anyone else catch Shelley sniffing that chick's hair? I was laughing so hard I even forgot to drool. Alex Shelley had the line of the night with a simple "Jay Stop It."
Sabin, Shelley that hand gesture, sorry boys but what are you five? It always puts me in mind of my nephew when he's trying to get my attention. I see you are still wearing the Kiss concert pants. Okay so this was a three way tag match with MotorCityMachine Guns!/Team 3D/Lethal and Creed. Suicide running into the match...hmm. Either Shelley is a better actor then people give him credit for or else he landed wrong. Not sure. And then he lost to Devon. (not happy)

Lethal the moomoo has to go.

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