Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What? I 'm Listening Honest

Someone told me this would make a nice Author's photo for the inside of a novel.
I think it was their way of trying to get a fire under my ass to finish the latest draft of my latest book.

Granted it would be not too horrible, but if things actually made it to a printers, I would have a more stylish photo.

Besides being rejected by Harlequin few years ago (okay ten years ago but who's counting eh?) kinda snaps the lid shut on things.
Harlequin is the only game in the romance novel industry. If they hate you ; you're toast. But that was a decade ago, and my writing abilities have improved.
Though you might not know that on this thing as of late.

So I have set a new deadline. Of which I seem to do alot lately. A new deadline of Oct. 31 2009 -and by posting it here I really set it in stone- to have my latest draft of my latest novel done.

Right, now back to your regular scheduled blog

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