Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ask Ardeth

Time to dig into the fang mail for another batch of emails from beyond the grave.
Welcome to an overdue issue of "Ask Ardeth" Where anything that can be thought of to ask will be answered by my horror film Heavy Metal Goddess alter ego Ardeth Blood.

Dear Ardeth:

I love that you do your weekly "Thoughts on TNA" but I want to know why you never mention the Knock-Outs ? You talk about the X-Division all the time but never the Knock-Outs.

Signed an Angelina Love fan in Hamilton.

Dear Angelina Love fan :

I have never been a fan of women wrestling.

Dear Ardeth:

Why is it you have such a plan looking blog on Alucard's Rose. It doesn't have any blood or bats or any music playing on it. You should add some more gothic stuff to it, and change the colour to black or deep red. Why is it pink. It's not a very goth blog for vampires.

From The Dark One in Brandon Manitoba

Dear Dark One:

I am not a goth contrary to popular belief. I did not want my vampire blog to be the same old thing everyone else was doing. I do not feel the need to have a lot of extra dren cluttering it up. It is a news style blog, and therefore is fine the way it is. I picked pink because the title is Alucard's Rose, it fits with the mood I was trying to create.

That's all the time we have for this one, come back around and see what other gobs of wisdom Ardeth Blood will dish out and serve to her fiends.

You can email Ask Ardeth at hardcorevampsprods@yahoo.ca

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