Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just because I don't talk about TNA Impact enough

Everyone has a hobby, finding reasons to blog about TNA Impact is mine. Okay it's my sick obsession and I really need a new thing to do but not today. Today we blog!
Let me set the mood for you, I am sitting here listening to Alice Cooper's Along Came A Spider thinking about tonight's local wrestling event (the Legend's SuperShow ) getting all hyper wishing it were a TNA event. Deep sigh maybe someday. It was urber cool back in 2006 when Jeff Jarrett and Robert Roode came to town. I have a photo of Jarrett's butt where he stood infront of me, yes had he taken half a step backward he would have landed in my lap.
Anyway, let's blog shall we. This way my pets down the crypt stairs and over to the corner of the library where the large book of knowledgeness sits. Open it to page 666 chapter 6 verse 6 .... well this is my blog post what did you expect entering a six sided ring from stage left with pyro and an enterence song? No no no, we're going Crypt Keeper for this...

What we blogging about?

Let's blog about the top guys in the X-Division. Cause you know I don't chatter about them enough already, and they don't find me creepy enough yet.

Aww they don't find you creepy. They don't know you exist. They would have to know you are on the planet to find you creepy.

Well who I would like to see get the X-Division belt next ... you know if Petey Williams was still there I would be saying him. Did I shock you? You thought I was going to say Alex Shelley didn't you? Well, actually I really really would like to see the Tag Team belts on the MotorCityMachine Guns! So I guess my next vote for X-Division belt holder would be Eric Young. More over, I just really hate the Suicide gimmick. Just get that mask off him and make him go away. The gimmick was cool for like a month back last fall to promote the video game, but it's so dead and over. I would like to see Jay Lethal drop the Macho Man gimmick too. Find something else. Or you know, at lest stop wearing the streamers that are on your clothes. I don't know, about the rest of the wrestling fans on the planet, but I was drawn to TNA for the newness of it, not for tired old recycled gimmicks. Maybe because I lived through that whole 80's thing I find it well cobwebby and not in a good way either.
Oh question do we have an X-Division Tag Team belts? That would be cool to have wouldn't it?
And of course I am raising the torch again with my crazy idea that Chris Sabin needs to cut his hair and shave. Why? Now now, we have been over this a million times, he looks like a dirty bucket. A sexy dirty bucket, but a dirty bucket none the less.

You need to give Chris Sabin's hair it's one tag label.

Na! That would take all the fun out of it. Besides that would mean his hair is more important then him.

Okay to recap :
*Let's give the X-Division belt to Eric Young for a while
*Let's give the Tag Team belts to the MotorCityMachine Guns!
*Let's get rid of the bad gimmicks
*Let's add (if you haven't by the time of this post) an X-Division Tag Team belts.

Okay my pets the sun is coming up, and I don't share my Count Chocula with anyone. So close the windows on your way out of the crypt.

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