Saturday, June 27, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 7

Went to coffee with Sci-Fi Guy. I have to say, except for the sudden down pour as we were leaving the coffee shop, it was a swell time. He had the clearest blue eyes I have ever seen.
How blue? Ocean blue, ice blue, Chris Sabin blue.

For those who have been reading my stuff for the last few years, you know that I don't normally date other writers, (Dargo was the exception to the rule few years ago, but then he was the exception to alot of my rules) there just seems to be a competition when you get two writers together. Ever since Mr. B. way back in high school I have tried to make sure I am the only writer/reporter in any relationship.

I don't think I made as stunning an impression on him as he did on me. Partly because I arrived with Chris Sabin hair (bad hair that just would not work in the heat) and then ended up with Wet Chris Sabin hair (bad hair that just would not work in the heat plastered to my face in rain drenched strips dripping hairspray into my eyes) and partly because he did not try to make a second date at all. I did all the trying.

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