Monday, June 15, 2009

TNA on Twitter

I follow alot of people on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.
But I think I have more stuff connected to TNA on Twitter then anything else, from the Sabin fan site, to the Underground wrestling news, to the official TNA Online and now Jeremy Borash.

This was kind of cool and you know programmed. I woke up this morning to see a direct message on Twitter from Jeremy Borash. It was a standard welcome note.

Hey thanks man.

I can only say one thing, the dude must never read my blog. Yeah I am laughing like a lunatic right now on that thought.
Yes I have thoughts this early in the day. Usually ones that would lead to blushing wildly if anyone was around cause you know can't keep my mind out of the gutter when it comes to the wrestlers at TNA.

I am tempted to send a direct message back with the blog link. Maybe then if someone over there was reading my blog maybe just maybe they would do something about Chris Sabin's hair.

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