Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why Do Men Do That Eh?

The dating site, wondering just how bad of an idea it really is.
Why do men say that they are looking for "serious relationships" and "anyone within Canada" if they are only circling the limited few in their city?
It's cause boys you need to admit you are not looking for anything serious. If the nedan isn't within your backyard your too damn lazy to work for it. 90% of the guys I have talked to on that site are wanting to get together right off so they can get off right away.
Have any of you lot thought that maybe your "perfect ideal" is outside of your city limits and that is why you have not found her? Has that thought crossed your minds at all?
This is why so many out there using these sites are bitter and jaded and don't stay at them if they only get one or two replies and don't find someone "perfect" within a week.

I have been on the internet long enough in the last few years and have met some great guys from England, United States and outer areas of Canada. You just have to be willing to put an honest effort into things. If you are only looking for "the easy" you are going to keep finding dren.
Wasn't the whole point of the internet being invented to bring people together?

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