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Can You Miss Somebody You Have Never Met? - DivineCaroline

Can You Miss Somebody You Have Never Met? - DivineCaroline

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This was a post I did for DivineCaroline.com

I am in the process of interviewing a few men for a new article, and one thing seems to be stuck in my mind. The fact they are looking for the same thing we are, a soul mate. This got me asking myself, “Can you miss somebody you have never met?”

This is stuck in my mind so much I thought I would put the original article on hold for a bit and tackle the question.

So, can you?

It’s been proven that we are predesigned to be attracted to certain characteristics in a mate; pale skin versus dark, brown eyes versus blue, etc. But what about those of us who are believers in the soul mate factor? It seems many people (and I am not just meaning teenagers whom have never been in love before either) are looking for that special someone who fills that spiritual void. Depending on your own personal spiritual views, karma is said to bring you and the same group of people together in each incarnation your soul goes through.

I have found myself involved with the same characteristics in every relationship I have ever been in, and a feeling of longing for a man whom embodies them all. Is there a reason behind this or just some random events that are making me think this way?
A friend of mine had dreams for years about a town she had never seen. It was not until she moved to Canada that she found herself suddenly in the city she had been dreaming about. The odd thing is, she had never even seen a photo of it before finding herself in the bus station staring at the small city street and corner park from the window. Did that longing to be in that unknown place come from the same factors that draw us to want certain people or just an odd chain of events?

How come when we think about it, there is always a common factor (either looks or personality traits) with our lovers over the years if we are not on some level trying to find the missing “self.” I believe very much that we can miss somebody we have never met. I know I do.

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