Saturday, June 13, 2009

Meanwhile in a Bedroom across town...

Okay this is too weird. Not only has hell frozen over and the Hellmouth has opened up, but I have had more guys contact me in the last 72 hours then I have in 35 years.
It's unnatural and just not humanly possible.
Men are on average disgusted by me. They run away in the other direction puking on their shoes. They don't ask me out for drinks.
What's going on here? Am I about to die or something? Is there going to be a big explosion that is going to wipe out the human race in the next few days?
I don't understand how this is happening?
Oh my frealing god. You mean I might actually being getting what I want? No wait what I want is a former X-Division champ, and I don't see that being wrapped up in a bow for me and being left on my doorstep.
So what's going on here? I just had some very young man offer himself to me. Damn! I have a baseline age and he's just a few years shy of it.
He was hotter then hell in a bathtub! And you know what I did?
I turned him down.
Yes I am a crazy person.
A very hot, very funny, young man who lives only 4 blocks from me offered to run right over and spend the night and I said no. I need to have my head examined. Oh wait, he was doing that too. Did I forget to mention he's going for his degree in Psychology?
Well, Freud if you still want to chat about it, call me up sometime.

Here's the big nasty of it. I kept thinking if this was just Cole Cash. Yeah, what's going on here? Freud is only a mire 3 years younger then Cash and my mind was drifting to ....well I am a crazy person for turning down a sure thing.

Shoot me. Stuff me. Mount me.

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