Tuesday, May 20, 2008

LaLaLaLa and a Lynch movie

Uh huh, still in David Lynch movie mode. Have watched all the episodes of Twin Peaks plus Fire Walk With Me ,and then sat through Inland Empire. Today's movie de jour will be Lost Highway...I think. I have a conference thingie to go to.
Ninja is doing alot better and goes back to college now in 2 weeks. Eventhough the doctors are still stupid as to what has caused her all this pain.
I know I haven't done any reviews in a long while, but I haven't seen/read anything that has moved me to. Nothing that would make me really want to tell someone to get or stay away from something.
And for someone with a strong sense of opinion that is kinda like taking Chiana's sex drive from her (Farscape moment there people)

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