Monday, March 9, 2009

And your week?

I have been without the internet for the last week.
It was both interesting and disturbing.
Got to see a few movies that I have been putting off, got to finish reading the Widows of Eastwick which was a total let down.

Now, trying to get back into the swing of things on the sites I am admin on. Alot can happen in the world in just 8 short days.
There was a time when 8 days of news/events was nothing, but the world has gotten so if you are locked out for that amount of time you tend to loose out on everything.

Two of the movies I watched while being trapped offline, were the Skeleton Key and Vicky Christina Barcelona. Both movies are very different, but both dealt with the concept of time.
Skeleton Key is a movie about Haitian magickal practices and body jumping. In it the characters try to extend their lives by taking that of others.
Vicky Christina Barcelona is a romantic comedy that takes place in the course of 3 short months. Two women fall for the same man and end up having their lives ripped apart.

Two very different ideas, both toying with how time can pass.

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