Saturday, February 2, 2008


Blessed Imbloc for those who celebrate it.

Happy Birthday to Devs if he is out there reading this!

I got a very odd invitation through Facebook last week. I did not accept it because it was just too...icky. Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq 's sister sent it to me. Now you remember me talking way back months ago about VLHE being pregnant if you have been following my blogs, well the invite was to a Birthing Party. yeah, you read right, a Birthing Party. Not a baby shower, or anything like that but a party when she goes into labor. I just don't get it? Why? Let me tell you why neither myself or Ninja are going.....1) false labor
2) labor that might be longer then 24 hours
3) don't want to sit around with her family
4) just crazy
5) we haven't talked in 4 months
I just don't understand why you would want a group of people sitting around the room while you are giving birth if they are not medical personal? Makes no sense.
I wish you luck and love with the whole thing, but I just wont' be there when it happens.

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