Monday, February 4, 2008

TNA and Other stuff

Going to start by saying finally iTunes has listened to what people really want....ICP/Twiztid/Dark Lotus and TNA!

You can find now Hatchet History as well as Cryptic Collection One on the Canadian iTunes, as well as TNA Impact shows for download on the Canadian iTunes. Bout time!

Not really a recap for Impact in this post as I haven't covered anything in two months, but just a few notes on what I am thinking......

1) I get that ODB is the number one contender because of fans support, cool, and that she seems the strongest to met Kong, but I feel the Voodoo Queen is a better wrestler and should be the number one contender.

2) Why are you dragging the tag team title change on so damn long? Let the MotorCity Machine Guns have the titles already! Will make the feud with Team 3D mean more in the end.

3)When and Why did A.J. Styles become so dumb? Why Why Why?

Okay that is about all that is on my mind right now in regards to Impact. Till Next Time....

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