Saturday, February 9, 2008

TNA for Feb 7 2008

Just a few thoughts on this week's show.

* the Rock n Rave Infection ....there is a cream for that. Please I am begging you to gag them!

* the feud that seems to be boiling between Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan, let it happen already.

* Shark Boy finally is getting the spotlight he deserves.

* I can't wait for Traci Brooks to beat the snot out of Payton Banks!

* Christian Cage needs the championship belt back around his waist.

* Judas Mesias needs to find his footing. When he was brought in they promoted him as an unstoppable creature, but the last few times I have seen him in the ring he has been nothing but fodder. If they are going to show him as being that weak they need to really push him towards the fans more favourably.

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