Saturday, February 23, 2008

TNA thoughts and birthday wishes

Happy Birthday Ninja! My sister is 26 today.
Happy Be-lated Birthday Setla. I know it was last week sorry I missed it.

My thoughts for TNA Impact for the weeks of Feb 14 and 21

*AJ Styles and Karren Angle getting married....DUMB!

*Abyss removing the mask and walking out.....It was needed, the gimmick could only go on for so long. Can't wait to see how they handle his direction now.

*Mixing car racing with wrestling.....Been done before with WCW (anyone else remember Vampiro being put on a car in paint?) And having the MotorCityMachine Guns! there for the interview was cool. I had to blink when I heard Alex Shelley being serious for a change when he spoke about how one wrong move in wrestling not only can cost the match it could break your neck.

*Team 3D having to hit a smaller weight....As comical as Bubba-Ray was this is a good thing. When anyone gets too large they are risking their health.

*The X-Division Party.....Having Jay Lethal step out of the Black Machismo character after almost a year of being in it is refreshing. Not too sure just what they are doing with that storyline between Lethal and Sonjay Dutt. Is Dutt jealous of Lethal or is he jealous of So-Cal Val?

*Eric Young being scared....He's too cute in this role. You believe completely that he is like a little kid and I keep waiting for him to say "Polkaroo was here and I missed him again?" (Ontario people will get that joke)

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