Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back from Trenton

I had a blast staying with Somber and her husband this last week.
What started out as just a little trip with friends turned into a Pagan retreat. Much was learned and gathered. From finding a few copies of vampire movies I didn't even know were out on dvd to why my life is stuck.
One reason, I learned was that the film can't be finished because ;you ready for this; I made it that way. Yeap. I wrote a script where the film ( it was a film within a film) does not have a shot in hell of being done. Therefore the real movie we were doing is stalled. I created my own reality and in that reality I am a failure. Still with me good.
I backed this up by having the props (fake blood) frozen in my freezer for the last year therefore suspending the energy in time.
We watched What the Bleep down the Rabbit Hole and so many things just seemed to click in place.
Other things happened on that trip but going to keep that to myself.

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