Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lust vs Love

Last year I broke down the two words in my post When is it love?
Well, I'm back on the topic once again. Then again when am I not?

Those of you who read me on a regular basis know that I believe in soulmates. Not only do I, but that I am working the Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford.

I have been a big follower of her's since I read Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover. In that book, she compiled true stories of soulmates who found each other.
No matter what religion, what career, what background or spiritual path they followed, all of the soulmate stories in Hot Chocolate, spoke of having found the love of their life in the same manner. All the couples had found each other by a vibe, or a dream, or a little voice, or a uncontrollable desire to be in a certain spot at a certain time. This is how they all knew they had found their One, their soulmates.

Beautiful, wonderful, it means there is hope for me yet.
Or does it?

I have no doubt in my mind the man I am suppose to spend the rest of my life with is out there, my One, my soulmate. I know he is.
What I don't know is how I will know when I have met him. Yes, I have joked on here before saying that since I have no interest at all in children; that I will know him when I met him and think of nothing but having babies. But, if I were to go by all the stories, and I do mean all 101 of the true life stories in Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lovers, then I should have met him already, twice.

When I met The Trainwreck, I had been walking past a bar and had this tugging to go in with a voice that said "if you don't you will regret it for the rest of your life." He said he had something similar that night before going there too.
When I met Dargo, I had gotten a message from him on myspace and just as I was about to delete it I had a voice say "if you don't reply to him you will regret it for the rest of your life." And when we met in person the first time, he was coming up with reasons for us to get together before the first hour was even over.
Both big loves ,both year long relationships, both horrible heartbreaks.

How can I know for sure that the next time is really love and not just lust? Given I was wrong twice before, and both times I had the same exact reactions that all these true life success stories of soulmates, can I trust myself to know when "he's" really come into my life?

The best I suppose I can figure is that the guy will know me when he finds me.
And if you read over this blog at all, you know I fall in lust very easily. Hell, just this week alone I have fallen in and out of lust for Mr. Sabin about five times.

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