Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 14th +6-4= damn it

It would seem I am not allowed to slit my wrists and put myself out of my misery this year after all, as my appointment with the Neurologist is on the 16th.
The movie the Wolfman is scheduled for the 12th and had that doctor's appointment been the day before on the 11th or even the 13th then you know I could have finally done with things.
But noooo; they can't make it that easy for me can they. Nope. They (they being the men in the world) want to torture me some more by booking an impossible to get into doctor's appointment two days after the most evil of days for a single woman. They (they being smug couples) want to rub it in that I am once again as always single on Valentines Day. They (they being the candy/flowers/cards/business) want to tease me with things I will not be getting or have anyone to buy for. Did I mention I hate this time of the year.

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