Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lessons from the Kitchen

I just posted on my cooking blog My Newfie Kitchen about the broth that won't work.
It's bland.

Anyway, what got me in the mood to make the broth to begin with was actually a movie. As I sat there watching this film, there was a scene where the chief was talking about putting your soul into your food.
Your food becomes part of the people you give it to so therefore, you need to put you into it.
No soul no flavour.

And that is so true. I started thinking about that. You have to learn how to cook, but once you get the basics down if you think too much on it like anything creative, you can loose the point of things.
I have heard artists say sometimes one brush stroke too many on a painting will kill it. So true for food.

Grandma Perry was the best cook around but you never could ask her for a recipe. She didn't use measurements, just seemed to know how much of what ingredients to add. So a recipe from her never tasted the same as the way she made it cause she would guess what the measurements were when she wrote you the recipe. I managed to get a few of her original recipes from her collection, and not one of them has measurements, just the list of ingredients.

I find when I am making something, it becomes a meditative act. I could be meading dough and suddenly an answer to something that has been plaguing me for weeks will pop into my head. Or chopping veggies and I will get inspired to write something. Even this damned blog.

I find my recipes always taste better to me when I cook and don't think about the act of cooking.

So why was the broth bland?

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