Friday, February 19, 2010

If I started a rumour would You believe it

It was reported yesterday that Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot was dead. Big Rumour.
The singer is very much alive and on tour. But because it was twittered faster then the speed of light, people believed it.

Shows you the power of not just the internet but of words. Rumours are not always a good thing, and other times they are the best thing to happen to you. Mr. Lightfoot was googled more in the last 24 hours then the normal celebrities that are at the google top list every day.

So the question I present to you is if I said something, would you believe me without question?

Example : If I tell you that Jay Lethal is currently working on a British sit-com would you question me? Would you suddenly google Jay Lethal ? Would you cause a twitter traffic jam on JB's twitter asking when the show will air and on what channel?

Wither it is true or not, I have you wondering. Is it really that far fetched? I mean, the TNA wrestlers are really popular in Britain and we haven't seen much of Jay Lethal on Impact as of late.

Example : If I told you I asked Chris Sabin to marry me, would you laugh it off? Given the amount I blog about Chris Sabin, it would make sense. I mean, why would I talk about one man so much if I wasn't really connected to him?

Wither it is true or not, I have you wondering. Is it really that far fetched? I mean, this is not an official TNA site, nor is it an official Chris Sabin site, so I 'm not getting paid at all to blog about them. So why would I spend so much time blogging about him other wise?

I could come up with a few more examples but why? And TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT I have no idea why Jay Lethal has not been on Impact as of late, and I sort of did ask Mr. Sabin to marry me. As a gimmick. But you know if he ever wants...


Paula said...

it's all about the hype as for in America how many people have looked into Tiger Woods over what he has been through lately? How many more will be trying to figure out what clinic he is receiving treatment at? The hype that is what it is all about.

ardeth blood said...

So, then if I had not set the record straight at the end of the post, would you have believed me on the Jay Lethal part?

Paula said...

well no I wouldn't but I'm sure someone would have and next thing you would see things on Jay Lethal

ardeth blood said...

Maybe I should start one on him just to boost his ratings?


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