Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poll Replies

I asked the question in my poll recently if "it would be wrong for me to date a man I don't like just to have something new to blog about?" it seems my Spudguns you all feel it would be wrong of me.

It doesn't seem to matter anyway as the dude never phoned when he said he would. So no harm done. But, I have given our favourite topic (Mr. Sabin and his hair) a full year. It's long since run it's course and I need to start blogging about other things now. As I said to Buddy #P "I've talked about him so much it's time to either turn this into a fan site or Mr. Sabin needs to marry me."
Buddy #P laughed for a good ten minutes.
It's funny. Very very funny. Okay, so I just scared the crap out of Mr. Sabin and he'll need therapy for months and I am sure half the X-Division guys are pissing themselves laughing right now as they are huddled around a laptop reading this. Cause they love me, they adore me, they are my number one fans.

So at this point I suppose I have to resort to double blogging everything I do. In other words, every time I do a book review on my book blog I will need to repost it here, and everytime I blog on the cooking blog I will need to repost it here. And the pagan blog and the vampire blog just to have more things to talk about. Cause, really, I'm running out of topics. Cause I have no life, and need a husband. Even I get sick of my rants. I'm trying my best to be more positive and not so bitchy. And even the Sex and the City posts can only take me so far, I have talked about I think all the SATC episodes. I can't move on if I am stuck in a rut. Not that I consider Mr. Sabin a rut. (insert obvious dirty joke here)

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