Monday, January 4, 2010

And a cover goes here part 3.9

So, for the full length novel which I managed to get past my writer's block last night. It took watching the Best of the X-Division vol 2, plus many old episodes of Impact from the last while to get my brain to jump start and find a way around the blockage my story was hitting.
I am in talks right now with a local photographer about doing not just the cover art but all my other publicity crap I'll have to do for the novel. You know, a good photo for the inside cover and one for the damned paper if I choose to go that route. But given I hate Thunder Bay's media, I most likely will not submit my dren to them. Still, I'll need a really cool photo of me for the author bio.
And the cover art. Must not forget the cover art. It will all depend on what this dude charges. Seems he's just kind of starting up his business too so I might be able to snag a cheap rate.

SIR I HAVE AN ADDICTION! much like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City season 3 episode 43 called Escape from New York. When she screams at the man when he tells her to put out her cigarette cause its a non smoking room. No one can ever tell me that Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are not creatures created by Dionysus.
Can you really be addicted to celebrities?

I mean man, I am addicted to books, to movies, to tv shows. So why can't I class my constant babbling about Chris Sabin's hair as an addiction? I'm addicted to blogging. That's obvious. I mean, I have how many blogs. I lost count to tell you the truth.

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