Monday, January 25, 2010

Deal breakers

Everyone has a dating dealbreaker or two or five. You all know by now for me kids is a big one.
I have one that should also be fairly obvious, a guy must be a wrestling fan.

I know that might sound funny to some of you, but if a guy is not a wrestling fan, he's going to have a difficult time dealing with my level of fandom.

Speaking of younger men, what the hell is it with guys under the age of 24? Now, I have never hid the fact I like younger men, but I have some standards. A guy has to be at least as old as Mr. Shelley. Sorry, but that is the score. That is another odd measure stick you are thinking, but it makes perfect sense. Hey, MotorCityMachine Guns! are like 26/27, so the men who come into my life have to be at least that old.
So then why am I getting hit on suddenly by 18 year olds? It's really crazy. I get really creepy old guys (I was stalked back in 2001 by a guy in his 80's who went around the karaoke bar with an oxygen tank ) and guys still in high school hitting on me. Are there no in-between ages ? Like say guys between 26 and 34 (after my birthday in March the numbers will go to 27 -35)
I know I know I lowered my standard age for Freud and look what a mess that turned into. So no more guy under the age of 26.

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