Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who gave mom the link to the blog post?

I was out with mom and she said she saw the post about my idiot friend telling me to send a photo of my boobs to Chris Sabin.

Mom: you didn't actually send him a photo of your boobs did you?

Me: No. What are you dumb; stupid?

Mom: Cause that would be .....

Me: The kind of thing Setla would do?

Mom: true she would do something stupid like that. Why would you even consider something like that?

Me: I didn't. I was having a conversation with Cash.

Mom: Oh. Why would he tell you to do something like that?

Me: Cause it's Cash. *shrug*

Mom: Why did you say on your blog that you would?

Me: Huh? What? Where?

Mom: You said if he asked for a picture you would send one. In your comments with the interview questions.

Me: Oh, the christmas post. Totally safe. There is no way in hell Chris Sabin will ever ask for a photo of my boobs.

Mom: *laughing so loud everyone in the bakery department of the grocery turned to stare* Oh don't be silly girl. No one would. No one wants to see that.


Paula said...

well you know I didn't do that I don't know your mom no offense Kim's mom, but I don't think she should either on moral purposes. Guys will be guys, and unfortunately they like to look at boobs. And basically the blog I thought was to talk about whatever came across her mind at the time, whether it be a discussion or otherwise.

ardeth blood said...

So what you are saying is that my boobs are not good enough.

Paula said...

huh what no I didn't mean your books woman I'm gonna come up there and injure you I meant otherwise which is a whole stream of things, books, movies, audios, videos you make, personal stuff etc etc etc

Paula said...

oh god
sorry that was my evil twin now apparently I'm not concepting what I read this is great, your boobs I'm sure are wonderful but people don't come here just for them. They come here for you opinion what makes you tick and how you think

ardeth blood said...

No actually they come here for the screen captures I do of Chris Sabin.
Did you read my last Ask Ardeth? All I am getting are Chris Sabin fans.
Well, according to my mom, I am not worth anyone wanting to see my boobs, wrestling celebrity or not. Which was the point of this post.

Paula said...

I wouldn't know personally I've never checked them out sooo I would say that just about any guy as long as he is heterosexual will be very interested in a girl flashing the goods so to speak. It's not like they are fake

ardeth blood said...

No they are very real. They are middle aged and one has a scar from the car accident.


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