Monday, January 25, 2010

Thunder Bay wants TNA

I used a screen capture for this post

A few months back, when TNA was doing a pre show online before a ppv (Oct it might have been? ) I signed up for the internet pre show and have been getting these crappy weekly newsletters with stupid concert updates for the crappy bars in town. The only reason I haven't unsubscribed to them is that once a week it has attached to it "EVENTFUL WATCH" and lists a number of people in Thunder Bay that have signed up for the "bring TNA Live".
When I signed up the night of the pre show, I was the only one. Now, there is 6 of us.
That sounds like nothing. But in a city the size of Thunder Bay, that's totally amazing.
This has always been a city of wrestling fans, but whenever I mention TNA people normally look at me, shake their heads and say "never heard of it". The one sports store in the mall ;the employees there are sick of seeing me enter the place, one even runs and hides cause I have one question for them "You guys started to sell Total Non-Stop Action shirts yet? Cause I'm still wanting to get a MotorCityMachine Guns! shirt." The first time I asked the poor sales guy stared at me with his mouth open didn't even know what sport it was. I had to say wrestling. He pointed me to the UFC stuff. I have made it a habit, maybe a bad one, but a habit none the less of marching into that sports store every time I hit the mall and asking if they have any TNA stuff yet. Like I said, the one dude runs into the back to hide now when he sees me. What I'm a pest okay like you haven't figured that out already.
So this whole post is just to say, Thunder Bay wants a live TNA event.

*Raises right hand and swears on a stack of Anne Rice novels* I promise not to jump the guardrail to try to cut Mr. Sabin's hair. Promise .

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