Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hit Snooze then hit panic

I can't wait for the new Uma Thurman movie to be released next month on dvd.

I have started to not just be drawn to mommy movies but I'm starting to like them. Identify with them almost. I need to have my head examined.

Oh wait *smacks forehead* I did that already last month and it came out clean, nothing going on in my head.

Must be the biological craziness starting to stir. I think I need to squash it fast. I know right, where is Freddy Kruger when you need him to rip your Ovaries out.

On vacation I am guessing.

One thing I never understood, if Kruger is a nightmare demon, psy-vamp then why did he never do the incubus side of it? In part 5 Dream Child, he possesses the soul of an unborn baby, but why did he never father one himself? Freddy Kruger fit the mold of incubus so figured the writers would have written him for an incubus.

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