Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dating 101- Tips from the Non-Dating Guru part 4

What is it about me and pushy men?
I just got not one but 2 messages from some guy here in town, the first one telling what part of the city he lives on, no introduction just "I live in P.A." and the second one within 30 seconds that said "can we meet up for coffee?"

First off, if a woman does not reply to your starter email, she isn't going to reply cause she's not interested. So why bother with a second email ?

And secondly, we are having a storm here today. Big thunder and lighting and freezing rain. No one is even driving down my street and it's a main street.

So what kind of vibes am I sending out into the world that I keep getting these uber pushy men messaging me? I must be sending out some evil vibes if all I seem to be getting are pushy guys?

I am trying to understand really I am. When I was hating myself, I was getting drunk abusive guys.
When I was desperate for a guy to notice me, I was getting liars and cheaters.
Now, I am trying to focus on other things in general (namely and any form of career) and I keep getting these male domanatrixes. And I am sure there is a proper word for these types of men, but right now I am just ....ggggrrrrrr.
This is why I don't date goth guys. I actually dated a guy back in high school ,back in the early 1990's who was into the BDSM thing. We so so so so did not work. I am not into the goth lifestyle at all and really don't like all that....dominating. Don't like it in the bedroom and really don't like it in real life. Sorry. Just the idea of being controlled makes me mad.

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