Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Wheel Might Turn but It's still Broken

I used a screen capture for this post.

WWE you rat bastards!
I just watched the last couple of week's worth of RAW. The first of the two had Jericho trying to get fans to keep him on Raw.

The second of the two was the return of Bret Hart.

Let's tackle this in order shall we. Chris Jericho was begging the fans to get behind him so that he wouldn't be fired from Raw and was screaming with a homemade sign that he was a victim of conspiracy.

The MotorCityMachine Guns! already did the conspiracy signs last summer (July 30th 2009) on TNA and Eric Young did the "Don't Fire Eric" campaign back in 2007.

And the second, you had to pull out the biggest thing you could think of to battle TNA Impact. You still came up short. TNA still clung on to their ratings while your show was on the other channel.

And one more thing. On WWE on the Jan 4th 2010 episode of Raw,McManhon's little speech about how Bret earned his chances was word for word what Alex Shelley said on the Dec 17th 2009 episode of TNA Impact in his promo. What you thought that would get past me?

TNA 1 Up

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